Tomáš Géci OM5AST

Bratislava   Slovak Republic    IARU REGION  1   ITU  28   CQ  15   LOC  JN88ND
Hamradio, Programming, Linux


  • 60m, 40m, 30m, 20m, 17m, 15m, 12m, 10m, 6m - SSB, PSK, FT8, FT4, RTTY, SSTV
  • 4m, 2m, 70cm, 23cm - FM, SSB, FT8


  • Bureau
  • EQSL
  • LOTW


My Equipment

HF equipment

      Yaesu FT-991A + LDG AT100Pro II Antenna Tunner
      Yaesu FT-891 as a backup radio
      Xiegu G90 for portable operations

    On portable operations LiPol Cells as power supply

    VHF/UHF Equipment

        Yaesu FT-60
        Baofeng UV5R, Radioditty GD77 + BrandMeister network
        Retevis RT3 UHF/DMR + BrandMeister network
        Yaesu FT8900 Mobile + homebrew Slim-Jim antenna
        Perfect 4m/10m transverter by Serge UT5JCW + Inv V
        Perfect 23cm/2m transverter by SG-LAB + 11el Yagi
        Yaesu FT-991A for 2m/70cm + homebrew YSF hotspot

      On portable operations mostly 2m with Slim-Jim antenna on 6m fishing pole

      Other Equipment

          Homebrew APRS Adapter For APRSDroid and Baofeng UV5R - designed by me :-)
          Homebrew APRS Tracker - designed by jweers1
          Homebrew Fishing Pole Holder For Camera Tripod - designed by me :-)
          Homebrew Digi Interface Based On E-Bay Kit
          Homebrew Raspberry Pi 2 DV-MEGA based PI-STAR DMR/YSF hotspot
          Homebrew Raspberry Pi 2 WSPR beacon with filters
          Homebrew RX/TX switch for SDR and Yaesu FT-891
          Homebrew QRM Eliminator X-phase

          A plenty of homebrew programming cables, prototypes, noise bridges, misc appliances and other stuff


          Portable Antennas

            Slim-Jim for 2m band - designed by NelsonAntennas
            Slim-Jim for 2m/70cm band - designed by N9TAX
            Homebrew Coax Antenna 2m/70cm band - designed by PA0FBK
            Homebrew Telescopic Whip for 2m band - designed by OK1PLB / OM8ST
            Homebrew 2m/70cm Moxon For Satellites - designed by me :-)
            Homebrew SOTA Dipole For 80m/17m band
            Homebrew SOTA EFHW for 40m/20m/15m/10m
            Portable Outback 1899 For 10/15/20/40/80m + 2m/70cm

          QTH Antennas

            Homebrew "RandomWire" 6.5m length antenna - for HF bands
            Wimo HB9CV antenna for 2m
            5 el. Yagi antenna for 70cm
            11 el. Yagi for 23cm
            Homebrew Wire Dipole for 2m/70cm
            Homebrew Wire Dipole/Inv-V for 4m
            Homebrew Slim-Jim antenna for 2m/70cm

          Portable activities

            SOTA  OM/BA-004 (Devínska Kobyla)  Activated 16.07.2017  Photos
            SOTA  OM/BA-001 (Vysoká)  Activated 23.07.2017  Photos
            SOTA  OE/NO-197 (Braunsberg)  Activated 30.08.2017  Photos
            SOTA  OM/TT-001 (Záruby)  Activated 16.06.2018  Photos
            SOTA  OE/NO-180 (Hundsheimer Berg)  Activated 08.09.2018
            SOTA  OE/NO-197 (Braunsberg)  Activated 08.09.2018  Photos
            SOTA  OM/TT-002 (Marhát)  Activated 24.08.2019
            SOTA  OM/BA-002 (Vápenná)  Activated 27.08.2019  Photos
            SOTA  OM/BA-006 (Čierna skala)  Activated 06.09.2019  Photos
            SOTA  OM/BA-005 (Geldek)  Activated 27.09.2019  Photos
            SOTA  OE/BL-012 (Sonnenberg)  Activated 01.11.2019  Photos
            SOTA  OE/NO-279 (Badner Lindkogel)  Activated 01.11.2019  Photos
            SOTA  OM/TN-010 (Veľká Javorina)  Activated 05.07.2020  Photos
            SOTA  OM/TN-004 (Inovec)  Activated 15.09.2021  Photos

          On portable I prefer 2m band FM but sometimes I used to be QRV on 80/40/20/17m band SSB.

          Interests And Skills


              Programming - PHP, C#, C, ASM, JavaScript, ReactJS, VueJS
              Websites - HTML, CSS
              Databases - MySQL, POSTGRES
              Linux - Server, Desktop, Docker, K8S, Networking


                MicroControllers - Atmega, Arduino, STM32, ESP8255, ESP32
                Science - Any kind :-)
                Vintage electronics
                IOT and smart home
                Books - CyberPunk, Sci-Fi, Classic
                Hiking - Mostly with radio in backpack :-)


              Small selection of my awards

              • Activity Group of Belarus - AGB  See awards
              • Croatian Digital Group - CDG  See awards
              • European ros club - ERC  See awards
              • FT8 digital mode club - FT8DMC  See awards
              • Unsorted awards  See awards
              • QRZ.COM awards  see my profile
              • 2017 -  #3 Slovakia (Single Op Assisted) - CQ World Wide DX Contest SSB  PDF
              • 2018 -  #1 Slovakia (Single Op Assisted) - CQ World Wide WPX Contest SSB  PDF
              • 2020 -  #11 Slovakia (Single Op Assisted) - CQ World Wide DX Contest SSB  PDF